Waterloo, Renovation

An Eclectic Gem in Waterloo, Ontario

What was originally supposed to be an addition, turned into a teardown and lead to this completely new home as the final result.

Embracing Ingenuity

With both owners working as professors, the home needed to spark inspiration and exude a peaceful ambiance, despite being set in the busy downtown of Waterloo, Ontario.

A Clever Yet Detailed Floor Plan

The design layout featured everything they needed: kitchen and living space, a study on the main floor, a second-floor office, a guest bedroom, and a master bedroom and ensuite.

Key Design Features

  • A Backyard Focal Point

    The contemporary master bedroom features flat panel doors and modern pull handles; designed to emphasize and focus on the view of the backyard. The greenery continues in the front, including two large magnolia trees which often can only be recognized when tearing down an old home and building in an existing, aging neighbourhood.
  • Contrasting Colours

    A mix of neutral brown tones and a crisp white palette can be seen throughout the house and the customers' personal touches are found in the selection of interior furnishings and exterior, lime green door.
  • Streamlined Architecture

    The main concept of the house's architecture grasps black forms and flat lines, from the railing and the window frames, to the horizontal paneling and siding to carry the eye horizontally.