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Custom home
“It’s exactly what we wanted!”
Well, that’s no Surprise.
We’re not in the surprise business.

We renovate and build new homes in Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Milton.

Renovating or building your new home should be a time of excitement, inspiration and fulfillment. Not un-welcome surprises.

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new home

New Homes

With over 30 years building homes in the Cambridge-KW-Guelph-Milton area, we have earned a reputation for a high calibre of craftsmanship and project management excellence – two key things to make your new home experience a great one!

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home addition

Additions & Major Renovations

A major change to your home is an exciting prospect! With our solid track record and masterful planning process, you can be certain you’ll have an addition or reno that is a wonderful improvement to your home – and your life at home!

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New living spaces

Wherever you’d like to make a change, we can help you make the most of your home. From insightful design collaboration to upheld completion dates, we'll even make the whole process an enjoyable one!

  • Kitchens

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    Let your culinary passions go wild! Kitchens can be the hub of social activity and your creativity!

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  • Bathrooms

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    Create an escape that soothes and rejuvenates. Beauty and luxury in the bathroom never goes unappreciated.

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  • Master Bedrooms

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    Your private enclave, the master bedroom and en-suite should be your ultimate retreat for comfort to mind and body.

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  • Living Rooms

    Living Rooms See more 〉

    It's one of the few places we actually pause to enjoy time with family and friends. Make sure you're surrounded by architectural beauty.

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  • Outdoor Spaces

    Outdoor Spaces See more 〉

    Expand your living space and extend the time you can enjoy your beautiful outdoor area.

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  • Garages

    Garages See more 〉

    There are great features today to make any garage both beautiful and highly practical.

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Our surprise-free process:

  1. Schedule a consultation.
  2. Work with us to design your project.
  3. Slotegraaf will build it. On time. On budget.

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Whether you’re thinking of an addition or renovation to your current home or envisioning a new build — let us sit down with you to discuss your ideas.