Laundry Rooms

Practical never looked so good.

Whether laundry is your least favourite chore or not, we've all got to do it, so why not do all the washing and drying in a stylish space?

Beautiful & Efficient

Instead of treating this multifunctional space as an afterthought, give it the aesthetic it deserves — and make it even more practical at the same time.

Storage & Shelving

From cleaning supplies to towels and linens, cabinets are essential to maintaining an organized laundry room. Incorporate built-in storage to prevent clutter and to keep your housekeeping essentials cleverly concealed.

Folding Counters & Clothing Racks

Make busy mornings before work and late-night laundry hauls a breeze. Strategically placed clothing racks and ample folding space create an easier, streamlined routine.

Appliances & Hardware

Add a modern washer and dryer plus a sink and fixtures. Take the opportunity to select space-saving appliances that appeal to your aesthetic but also get the job done efficiently.

Painted Cabinetry

The task of doing the laundry is a part of our daily routines and you’ll most likely be spending a lot of time in this area. Complementing your laundry room’s design with just the right colours and décor will give you all the motivation you’ll need to get to washing, drying, and folding.

Make It Multi-Purpose

Laundry rooms tend to be a catch-all, high-traffic area. A carefully planned and well-designed laundry room offers a better flow of functionality and allows the room to double as a flex space, such as a mudroom or pet area.

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