Meet our team

Our team consists of talented and dedicated individuals who are driven by the following core values: Integrity, Trust, Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Commitment, Working Safely, Results-Oriented, and Continual Improvement.
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    Dave Slotegraaf

    Owner, Sr Project Manager, Client CARE Team

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    Deb Slotegraaf

    Owner, Marketing Mgr

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    Sweitze Slotegraaf

    Past President; Site Assistant

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    Aaron Borgdorff

    Project Manager, Client CARE Team

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    Aaron Pietrkiewicz

    Assistant Carpenter

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    AJ Moreland

    Assistant Carpenter

  • 27.jpg

    Alex Okrafka

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Blog-Photo-(33).jpg

    Angela Johnston

    Human Resources Manager

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    Blair Woodhouse

    Assistant Carpenter

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    Brad Livock

    Sr Project Manager; Client CARE Team

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    Brian Veenstra

    Project Manager; Client CARE Team

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    Cameron Wilson

    Design Technician

  • 11.jpg

    Cheryl Shaughnessy

    Construction Support, Safety Coordinator

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    Christine Armas

    Accounts Payable

  • Blog-Photo-(47).jpg

    Colin Cadwell

    Assistant Carpenter

  • 5-1615313734.jpg

    Corbyn Pilkington

    Assistant Carpenter

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    Dan Merkus

    Assistant Production Manager

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    Dan Vedder

    Crew Leader

  • 3-1615313704.jpg

    Darryl Jones

    Crew Leader

  • Blog-Photo-(40).jpg

    Dave Van Raalte

    Assistant Production Manager

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    Ellis Fler

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Blog-Photo-(48).jpg

    Eric Hart

    Assistant Production Manager

  • Blog-Photo-(50).jpg

    Eric Kools

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Blog-Photo-(30).jpg

    Florian Bohm

    Manager of Quality Control & Service

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    Frank Rider

    Assistant Carpenter

  • IMG_2916.JPG

    Greg Borho

    Project Manager, Client CARE Team

  • Website-Photo-Size.jpg

    Harry Scadding

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Blog-Photo-(46).jpg

    Isaya Devries

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Website-Photo-Size-(15).jpg

    Izaak Wilson

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Blog-Photo-(26).jpg

    Jared Delarge

    Crew Leader

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    John Higginbottom

    Construction Manager; Client Care Team

  • Portraits-(4).jpg

    Jordan Bartke

    Project Technologist

  • 24.jpg

    Jordan Wheal

    Construction Manager

  • Blog-Photo-(42).jpg

    Justin Finney

    Assistant Carpenter

  • kevin.jpg

    Kevin Eigenbrood

    Project Manager

  • IMG_2881-(1)-1594995855.JPG

    Mark DeBoer

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Blog-Photo-(37).jpg

    Michelle Graff

    Junior Buyer

  • Blog-Photo-(23).jpg

    Mike Folkerts

    Construction Manager, Client CARE Team

  • monique.jpg

    Monique Hoeflaak

    Sr Financial Analyst

  • Blog-Photo-(43).jpg

    Omar Baker


  • Blog-Photo-(36).jpg

    Pam Reilly

    Construction Support

  • 22.jpg

    Phill DiPasquale

    Crew Leader

  • Website-Photo-Size-(3).jpg

    Richard Jansen

    Crew Leader

  • Blog-Photo-(41).jpg

    Richard Kloet


  • Website-Photo-Size-(12).jpg

    Stephen Reilly

    Crew Lead

  • Blog-Photo-(45).jpg

    Terry Knox

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Website-Photo-Size-(11).jpg

    Tim Lemont

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Portraits-(3).jpg

    Valerie Bartolo

    Project Manager

  • Blog-Photo-(51).jpg

    Victoria Lewis

  • victoria-t.jpg

    Victoria Trznadel


  • Website-Photo-Size-(5).jpg

    Wade Mogk

    Crew Leader

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