More than just a parking spot.

With the growing amount of vehicles, recreational craft, and general equipment in a household, it's no surprise that we're outgrowing our garages' sizes. Let's design an area to keep your belongings safe and enhance your entire property.

An everything-building with purpose

Just imagine what it would be like to have ample space: a fully equipped workshop, a dedicated space for a favourite hobby, a gardener's work area, or just never-ending storage space! And with all the heating and plumbing comforts of your house, the garage can include room for a home office, a quiet writer's or artist's studio, a guest loft or teen's apartment. The term "garage" really doesn't do the building justice at that point!

Multi-car and/or multi-room layout

Whether you need a large, open layout for multiple cars or distinct rooms for various uses, we'll design the plan that works.

Second-floor and loft additions

Often the feature that people wish they considered when the garage was designed and built. A second-floor loft adds valuable potential – even if it may be in the future.

Permanent storage and cabinet systems

Even in the garage, styling is important. Maximize your storage space potential with smart systems that last and look fantastic.

Garage doors

Make a statement for your whole home with a garage door that brings out the architectural styling of your choice.

The right fit

With any renovation to your home, you want to know you’re using a company that values the things you feel are important. So to make sure our relationship will be a successful one, we will:

  1. Listen attentively

  2. Recognize and address each family’s unique needs

  3. Execute with accuracy

  4. Provide helpful, amicable communication

  5. Decline projects where we are unable to deliver a high standard of quality

We look forward to a project that is enjoyable for all!

One of the best warranties in the industry

Our exceptional standards of construction mean a home that will maintain its quality for generations. But for today, it means greater confidence for you, knowing that your home or renovation stands on one of the best warranties in the industry.

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