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Achieve Impressive Results for Your Next Home with Modern Concrete Design

The use of architectural and decorative concrete has been used for centuries, and we are seeing more and more unique ways to work with it as a design element in modern architecture in order to give a home the wow-factor. 

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Vendor Spotlight: Chervin Kitchen & Bath

Slotegraaf Construction is shining a light on the amazing vendors we partner with and trust, and who help us in building and renovating homes our clients will love.

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Outdoor Series: Relaxing in Style

For this part of the outdoor series, we're presenting you with our past projects that bring a comforting and peaceful ambiance, allowing you to escape from life's busy moments and take in the fresh air, shift your focus to catching up with family and friends, and reset.

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How to Create a Flex Space & Make the Most of Your Spare Room

Over the past few months, your home has taken on the abrupt role of serving many different purposes: office space by day, workout studio by night. As the times change, it may be time to reconsider each space and if its layout, purpose and function still meet your lifestyle and routine.

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