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Kitchener Home Renovation by Slotegraaf

Finished fireplace
Front of home - January 27 2012
Garage and loft area - January 27 2012
Construction underway at back of home - January 27 2012
Cedar shingles and beautiful natural stone were selected for the exterior of the home - Jan 11 2012
A guest area was added over the existing garage - January 11 2012
During Construction - November 2 2011
During construction - November 2 2011
Rear sunroom addition - November 2 2011
Home before renovation
Proposed front elevation
Proposed front elevation
Proposed rear elevation

Construction Is Complete at this Kitchener Residence

Slotegraaf began construction on this Kitchener home in late September 2011. The design was completed by Kevin Crozier, Crozier Designs in Fergus. Crozier and the client spent considerable time working through the planning phase of this project to ensure a stunning final design.

Some of the major elements of this project include:

  • Completion of the exterior using cedar shingles, natural stone complimented with crezon panels and copper accenting
  • Interior alterations include a guest area over the garage
  • A sunroom addition with natural wood burning fireplace
  • Renovation of the interior including a new kitchen