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How to Create a Flex Space & Make the Most of Your Spare Room

Over the past few months, your home has taken on the abrupt role of serving many different purposes: office space by day, workout studio by night. As the times change, it may be time to reconsider each space and if its layout, purpose and function still meet your lifestyle and routine.

What’s a Flex Space?

An area or an entire room (Bonus Room or Spare Room) that can serve as a multi-functional space and can easily evolve as your life, family, routine, and needs change. With little effort, a flex space can be customized to serve multiple purposes.

How Do You Create One?

Check out our Pinterest board and follow our tips below:

Putting Up Walls

We know that may seem like odd advice as open-concept has been a goal and trend for many when it comes to designing, remodeling, and renovating. However, the need for privacy and soundproofing has increased as more people are required to work from home and hold video conferences, as well as for those with a bigger or multi-generational family. This can also be done with the use of:

  • Shelf Dividers

  • Screen Partitions
  • Glass, French, Pocket, or Sliding Track Doors

Neutral Colors, Material & Textiles

When selecting your decor, finishes, and paint for your flex space, go with colours that can mesh easily with different design styles and furniture, so you're not having to spend a ton of money on new decorations and furnishings as the room's purpose changes.

Multi-purpose Furniture

  • Ottomans that can be used as tabletops, storage and seating
  • Furniture that can be easily stored underneath the bed, in the closet or underneath your coffee table
  • Pull-out beds and sofas
  • Lift-top tables

Increase Natural Lighting

Having natural light permeate through the room allows for a more spacious ambiance. Where available, incorporate:
  • Picture Windows
  • Skylight
  • Mirrors for light to bounce off


  • Be on the lookout for furnishings that have mobility and wheels
  • Select items that are light in weight and easy to carry as you move from room to room
Example: A cart holding your crafting supplies can be rolled out into your sunroom as you paint and then rolled back into the closet.

Storage & Built-ins

  • Murphy beds and desks
  • Built-in storage and shelving to maximize space
  • Built-in cabinetry can also hide unsightly appliances or other objects that aren't needed for the room's current function
  • Invest in baskets and containers to hold your items so they're easy to transfer to another room
Example: While you work from home during the week choose a desk that can easily be folded into the wall or built-in to free up space as a guest room on the weekends.

Here's the Space I'm Working with, What Can I Do with It?

Nook or Corner

Unpurposed Basement

Extra Bedroom

Unused Outdoor Area or Sunroom

Catch-All Areas (Mudroom, Garage, Entryway)

Attic or Loft

Ready to maximize your bonus room's potential or need help adjusting your rooms layout and flow? Contact us today.

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