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Are you considering Geothermal heating for your home?

Horizontal loop
Pond loop
1 to 4 Rate Exchange

The earth remains at nearly a constant temperature year round. Geothermal systems consist of a heat pump and a ground loop which uses this constant temperature to exchange energy between your home and the earth. Loops can be laid out horizontally, vertically or in a pond/lake configuration. Type of loop and size of loop depends on each property and house.

Today homeowners are considering geothermal heat for a number of reasons:

  • Economics. You pay for 1 unit of energy to get 3 FREE units of energy from your own backyard giving you 4 units of energy for heating, cooling and domestic hot water. This offers you a return on your investment. When comparing the operating costs of geothermal to conventional oil or propane it is typically 50 - 70 percent less, leaving more money in your pocket. The cost difference between a geothermal System and a conventional system pays for itself in energy savings in 7 to 10 years. Until March 31, 2012, the Federal Government provides a $4,375 EcoEnergy Program credit for installing a ground or water source earth-energy system.

  • Superior comfort through more even heat distribution and the ability to provide radiant in-floor heat.

  • GREEN - fully renewable unlike fossil fuels resources which are dwindling.

  • Quiet, long-lasting, low-maintenance equipment (no burner or chimney).

  • Safe and reliable (no carbon monoxide produced)

Using an experienced geothermal contractor is the best way to insure optimal performance and comfort. Bostech Mechanical Ltd has been in the business for over 20 years and has installed over 1,000 units. Visit their web site for more information and to request a no cost analysis. Bostech is certified with the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition.

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